Other Beads

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1. Porcelain hand painted Animal Beads - these little beads are finely detailed and so sweet! Choose from:

1A. Puppy Dog Bead (approx 9 mm tall) - £0.60 each (3 in stock)

1B. Fox Bead (approx 13 mm tall) - £0.60 each (3 in stock)

1C. Chestnut Horse Bead (approx 13 mm tall) - £0.60 each (1 in stock)

1D. Curled Baby Hedgehog Bead (approx 12 mm long) - £0.60 each (2 in stock)

1E. Koala Bead (approx 13 mm tall) - £0.60 each (1 in stock)


2. Chinese Porcelain Beads in fun animal shapes. The beads are hand-decorated and so vary slightly. Choose from:

2A. Pig (white/coloured pattern - Piggy Bank) - approx 21x14mm - £0.40 each (9 in stock)

2B. Dog (blue & white) - approx 12mm tall - £0.30 each (last one)

2C. Cockerel (blue & white) - approx 25mm tall - £0.40 each (last one)


1. A pack of 14 Biwa (Stick) Pearls in beautiful Creamy White - the photos really do not do these beads justice. These genuine Freshwater Pearls are centre drilled. Average length approx. 15-18 mm. Please note that picture 2 is a design example only, no silver parts are included. £3.75 for 14 SOLD OUT


1. These traditional Red oval beads are Oriental Enamelled Cloisonné (enamel), decorated with pretty flowers on all sides - approx 12x9mm - £2.45 for 7 (last pack)


1. Silver toned large focal beads:

1A. 2 Bright Lattice Beads 20x15mm (hollow) - £1.50 per pack (3 in stock)

1B. 2 Bright Lace Effect Beads 20x15mm (hollow) - £1.50 per pack (3 in stock)